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Scientific and Research Committee

The Cosmetics and Personal Care industry includes a wide range of products – hair care, skin care, oral and body care, perfumery and decorative cosmetics – dedicated to health, beauty and well-being.
They are an important part of people’s everyday life and bring important functional and emotional benefits. The industry, fast in changing and adapting new trends, is constantly reinventing itself through integration of trends from diverse fields. Three spheres that majorly influence the cosmetic industry are:
  • novel scientific findings
  • new technologies, and
  • social change
The natural sciences are one of the biggest drivers of cosmetic innovations. While chemistry is essential for development of new formulations and molecules of interest to the cosmetic industry, life sciences like molecular biology, genetics and epigenetics are the basis for new modes of action for active ingredients as well as inspiration for marketing narratives. Breakthrough from these areas inspire adaptation of new concepts in the cosmetic industry.
The more information the end-user has about their body and skin, for instance, the more a need arises for personalization of their skin care. This is the challenge NiCoS has mandated the Scientific and Research Committee (SRC) to take up as a responsibility. To this end, the SRC, in liaison with sister committees, shall serve the NiCoS community and the general public in the following way:
  • Scientific programs consisting of symposia & lectures on cosmetic science and related topics.
  • Nurture and grow cosmetic science and technology research, leading to publishing of scientific papers.
  • Promote the formation of Special Interest Groups (SIG) within the limits of the aim and objectives of the Society.

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