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To apply for membership of the Society, all you need to do is to complete the online application form which requires sponsorship by one referee who must be a current full member of the Society/member of a Society affiliated to the IFSCC OR a professional contact of the applicant. When completing your application. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU INSERT YOUR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT DETAILS OTHERWISE YOUR APPLICATION MAY BE DELAYED.
Options for payment of your annual membership will be provided when you apply.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain a reference for a new membership application and we cannot proceed with the application until this is received.
Our Contact Details
Society of Cosmetic Scientists Nigeria (NICOS)
Block 135 Ayodele Odubiyi Street,
Lekki Pennisular Phase, Eti Osa,
Lagos State,
All membership application forms are reviewed by the NICOS Membership & Recruitment Committee consisting of full members of the Society, followed by approval by the NICOS Council at the next Council meeting. Qualifications and industry experience are checked intermittently to ensure compliance with Society grading criteria. However if it transpires that any information on a membership application form is incorrect, the Society is within its rights to cancel the membership.

Membership Categories

Member (MNICOS)

Full Members At the date of their election, Full members shall be over eighteen years of age and must possess the following qualifications:
  • A degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) from a recognised university or institution in cosmetic science chemistry, biology, physics or related sciences, medicine, pharmacy, or chemical engineering, a national diploma as recognised by the Council or a Diploma in Cosmetic Science and at least two years relevant experience devoted to some practical scientific aspect(s) of cosmetics and/or technologically closely related products.
  • At the discretion of the Council, any applicant possessing the qualifications outlined in above and being member of the educational staff of an academic institution recognised by the Council, shall be eligible for membership alternatively, to have been Associate Members of the Society for at least five years and to be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of experience essentially devoted to some scientific aspect(s) of cosmetics and/or technologically closely related products.

Associate (ANICOS)

Candidates who lack the necessary academic qualifications at degree level for Full membership of the Society but who have been actively engaged in a technical capacity in the cosmetic, toiletry and related industries may be admitted by the Council as Associate members provided they have had at least five years’ experience in such capacity and if a full investigation reveals sufficient grounds for Associate membership.


Affiliate Membership is for candidates who have qualifications in commercial subjects such as marketing, sales with experience in the cosmetics and related industries and/or entrepreneurs in cosmetics and related industries with a minimum qualification to Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or a recognised equivalent.


Licentiate membership is for candidates who have recently attained the necessary academic qualifications who lack the two years relevant experience devoted to some practical scientific aspect(s) of cosmetics and/or technologically closely related products.


Those candidates pursuing a degree or diploma, or another educational course recognised by the Society and leading ultimately to membership of the Society.
Membership of this grade is temporary; it covers only the period that a candidate for membership is under training. All Student memberships are reviewed at the end of four years or on completion of the course of study.

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